How Do You Activate Your Facebook Account After You Deactivate It?


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To reactivate a Facebook account that you have deactivated, or your friend has deactivated as a joke, you need to start by going to the Facebook website. At the top right you will find the usual log in fields, and you should just attempt to log in as if you had never left the website. Use the email address you normally use, and the password that you have always used for the social network website.

You should then check the email address that you have registered with your social network. You should be sent as confirmation email about reactivating your Facebook account. You will be given a set procedure that has previously been put in place to allow you to reactive your Facebook account.

You will be given a link in the email. You need to click the link and you will be taken to your home page. Your Facebook account and homepage will appear exactly how it was when you left the site. All of the settings will be the same, all of your statuses will be there and all of the photographs you have uploaded will be there. Your events will even be there ready for you once you decide to reactivate the account. The only thing you need to do is start using the site again, as your account has already been completely reactivated.

Reactivating your account with Facebook will give you the access you formerly had with friends and family that you may otherwise not have a chance to talk to. Facebook gives you the opportunity to share near enough everything that goes on with your life with just a select group of friends who will be interested. You can share photos, thoughts and videos with the people you love to keep in touch with them.
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The re-activation process is very simple.
Simply visit Facebook homepage and log in with your E-mail address and password with which you deactivated. And, your account will be re-activated now. You won't need to go for any detailed process again neither you need to worry about availability of your deactivated E-mail on facebook.
By just logging in with same E-mail ID and Password, Enjoy your Facebook experience once again.
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Go to settings then my account Window and there will be more like deactivate account
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Log in again.
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To reactivate your deactivated Facebook account you will have to log in again and it will simply be reactivated. They might ask you to enter a visual code in order to affirm if it's not a bot that is reactivating the account and then ask you to login again. You can reactivate your Facebook account any time you like as long as there is no change in it's tentative policy.
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You just put your old email ID and Password which you used that time for login ones again and  you will soon receive of welcome ones again  type information and now you can enjoy a lot in face book! Or just simple check your email only!
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1. First Log on to FaceBook.

2. After Successful Log on Click On SETTINGS.

3. After Clicking on Settings a My Account window opens.

4. There are one more options available and also DEACTIVATE ACCOUNT ---- then click on the blue in color deactivate.

5. When you click on deactivate a new window appears and will prompt you about how and why you want to deactivate your account or like this ....
Are you sure you want to deactivate your account?
for morevisit this link..;;
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Some how my email blocked I can open msn but I can't get email but I can't sent please tell me how to activate
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If the facebook team deactivated the account  then you can not reactivate it.
Best to make a new account.

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