How Do I Activate My Facebook Chat?


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There are a number of simple ways to get Facebook chat working. Firstly, you should visit the site and see if it is working normally on your laptop or computer. If nothing is working properly at all then you should restart your computer by logging out and switching it back on again. Then, just wait for the start up desktop window and try by logging back into Facebook to see if you can use the chat function.

If this still does not work then there a number of things you can try. You might have to search for an upgrade for your browser, so check your desktop if you are using Google Chrome or an older version of Internet Explorer. As there are regular updates to these web browsers, you may need to revert to a new one that you can easily download.

Facebook supports a whole host of browsers on both Macs and PCs, including Internet Explorer 7.0, Safari, Firefox and Google Chrome.

If for any reason you have access to Internet Explorer 6.0, you will still be able to use chat by making sure you double click chat to open a pop up window.

So, do check your web browser to find out if it is not an old version that just needs upgrading. You will also need to check if Flash and Adobe are all working together. If not and you think there is a problem please visit and you will able to download the latest version of Adobe Flash for your computer.
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It's automatically activated on the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.
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Just click on the chat bar.
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Its easy its already set up for you and all you do is click on the bottom right hand corner and you have to have a friend to be online and with you

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