How Do You Chat On Facebook?


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Facebook Chat can be accessed by signing into Facebook or using a Facebook instant messenger such as Chit Chat for Facebook.

Sign Into Facebook Chat using Your Browser

Firstly, if you wish to use Facebook Chat just in your web-browser sign in to Facebook and left click on "Chat" in the bottom right hand corner of your browser. It should tell you the amount of friends that you have online. Left click the friend that you wish to talk with and a new instant message window will have opened. Left click in the lower box of the instant message window - it should have a speech bubble graphic on the left hand side. Now you can type within that box, press enter to send a message.

Desktop Facebook Instant Messenger

A growing amount of people are using Facebook Instant Messengers they give you the benefit of being able to access Facebook Chat from your desktop like you would AOL Messenger or Windows Live Messenger for example. You may find this easier to use than accessing Facebook from your internet browser.

How Do You Chat On Facebook?

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It is very easy to chat on FaceBook. Please follow the instruction as mentioned here.

1. When you logged on to the FaceBook, then after logging on there are three options on the bottom of the screen or you can see them near System Tray, options are..1, Chatt, 2. Notifications Area, 3. Online Friends, click on Online Friends and select To whom you want to chat. Then a new dialog box open and you can continue to chatt.....
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We can chat there with family and they have messenger now, so it's convenient for chating in writing or calling as we like, it's not difficult to use them.

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Type into the dio-log box and send

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