How Do I Unblock Facebook Chat?


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One of the simplest solutions to unblock Facebook chat is to firstly log onto your Facebook account, and go to your options menu.  Once you have located this, locate the options in the chat screen and press go on the chat feature.

This should be able to make you log on without any hitches. If this does not happen then you should look at logging out of your Facebook account and check your TCP/IP address for any glitches or technical problems. If this does not work make sure your laptop or computer is still accepting cookies.

You may also have the opportunity to unblock Facebook by using proxies which allow you to hide your particular IP address and in effect override your IP address. Facebook chat is similar in the way that MSN chat works and is an increasingly popular way of connecting with people. It allows for instant responses though there are far less emoticons that you can use on the chat feature than compared to MSN messenger.

Facebook is a simple way to catch up and chat to friends as well as people who you have lost touch with. However, you will need to add them first to your friends before you start chatting with them. All this requires is for you to search for the person who you want to connect with. One you have located the right person then you should look for the add friend function on Facebook main page and request. It will then say your request has been processed and then wait for it to be accepted. Once it has been approved he or she will then be added to your list on the chat feature.
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Well you can't because I have tryed all the ways it does not work :D
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I want to know as well mine wont let me reply to anything because is blocked :/

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