How Do I Unblock Facebook From Firewall?


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There has been a great increase in the number of people using Facebook and other leisurely websites on the Internet. Unfortunately this has also lead to an influx of people using the website during their working hours at the office. This has resulted in the use of firewalls to block access during working hours.

The one thing to note about using Facebook and other such websites at work is that it does waste your time. It sounds obvious, but if you are at work you should be working. Logging onto your Facebook page is very counter-productive as we all know. A quick check turns into an hour of refreshing the news feed and chatting with friends online.

Employers are against allowing Facebook at work, and I would have to agree with their decision. Although Facebook is a great website and I do use it frequently, it does not help you to be using at whilst you are working. Realistically, you should be enjoying it whilst you are at home or on your own personal computer.

However, you should not forget that a number of mobile phones, particularly the ever-growing range of smartphones, all offer social networking on your handset. If you have a mobile network connection then this is not restricted by the firewall in your workplace. This means you could browse Facebook on your mobile phone during your breaks or lunch hours without a problem.

Attempting to bypass the firewalls and security settings put in place is very risky and quite stupid. Companies often have a code of conduct that all employees will have agreed to upon confirming their employment. Using proxy servers and other such means to bypass the firewalls will most definitely be in violation of the codes of conduct and could therefore result in your dismissal.

It isn’t just employers trying to stop you from enjoying yourself, but proxy servers and other websites that you may want to visit during work hours could compromise the computers you are working on. Some websites, especially those with games, do carry a vast array of viruses and spyware that can seriously harm computers. You should just wait until you are at home or use your own computers or mobile phones instead of attempting to bypass firewalls.
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Wait until you go home or go to the public library after school and use the computer there.
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Right there is one simple answer to this question, there is a little red switch on the back of the tower and all you have to do is flick that to the other side and this will unblock your proxies. Hope everyone finds this information very useful.

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