How Do You Unblock Farm Town On Facebook?


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It is presumed that you wish to unblock the Farmtown game from your Facebook account. If this is indeed the case then the process is fairly straightforward and won't take you very long to achieve.

  • How to unblock Farmtown
First you must sign in to your account. Once signed in, you need to click on the 'Account' tab, which is situated on the top right of your page. You next need to click on 'Privacy Settings'.

Once you've reached the privacy settings page you will find there is a block list that includes names of people and applications that are currently blocked from your profile. Simply scroll down and unblock the Farmtown application from this list. You should now be able to play the game from your Facebook account.

  • Be aware of rogue Facebook applications has fast become the place the whole world seems to be, and so this obviously creates a great opening for any scammers wanting to exploit as many people as possible. Therefore you will find there are some rather dodgy applications popping up around Facebook from third party sources. They usual offer something for free or disguise themselves as a game. However they are only after your personal details.

It is therefore best to only play established games and use applications that have been reviewed and verified. This will reduce the risk of your account or your data ever being hacked.
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On the top right corner of your Facebook then click the "Account" tab,
then go down on the list and click "Privacy Settings" then at the center
of the page toward the bottom there will be a link under "Block Lists"
that says "Edit your lists" Then select the people or applications that
you want to block or unblock. Hope this helps!
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How to Unblock your Farm Application:
Go to Settings
Go to Privacy Settings
Settings Tab
Scroll to the bottom of the page where it says "Blacked Applications"
Look for the application you want to unblock and click unblock - and that should do it!
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Where do i go to get the settings to unblock farm town is it on the internet or somewhere else?

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