How Do You Unblock People On My Msn Messenger?


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It is possible and quite easy to unblock people on My MSN Messenger. Open up your Windows Live Messenger and login if necessary, then follow these simple steps:

1. Once you are logged in you will see your name at the top of the window. Find this and click on it.

2. You will be presented with a menu, from this select ‘options’. This will open up a new window with all the options tabs down the left hand side. It will probably default to the ‘Personal’ tab as this is the first in the list.

3. Go down to the bottom of the selection bar on the left and select the ‘privacy’ tab.
4. When the privacy tab opens up you will presented with two lists of emails, one entitles ‘allow list’ and the other ‘block list’.

4. Highlight the person in the block list who you would like to unblock from MSN Messenger and then click on the ‘allow’ button located in-between the two lists. Using this same method but in reverse it is also possible to move contacts from the ‘allow’ to the ‘block’ list.

5. Once you have moved the contact you wanted to unblock into the allow list, click on ‘apply’ at the bottom of the window to save the changes and then click on OK.

So there is no need to panic if you have accidentally blocked one of your best friends on Windows Live Messenger, it is quick and easy to reverse the process using the options available in your MSN Messenger.
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When you block a person on Msn Messenger, then it goes to your block list and you have to unblock the person from there. To access the block list follow the given options.

Open your Msn Messenger and go to "Tools" then in "options". When you will open "options", you will find "Privacy" there. Click on "Privacy" and you will see all of the people you have blocked on msn. Now you can click on a specific email id and then press "allow" next to the list. The person will be added back to your Msn Messenger contact list.

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Yeah I done that and it didn't work I even clicked apply and it didn't work. I also tried logging out then back in again. Anyway that you can help me
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Amber you r the best thx
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THIS WAS SO ANNOYING TO FIGURE OUT. 1. LOG INTO WINDOWS LIVE. NOT LIVE WINDOWS MESSENGER. 2. When you are in WINDOWS LIVE EMAIL click MESSENGER 3. CHOOSE CONTACTS---> MANAGE CONTACTS ----> RESTORE DELETED CONTACTS. 4. There you can click RESTORE on any emails you have blocked. Wow for [email protected]*^#ing MS making this such a headcase, why not leave it like the old WLM. :O good luck all

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