What Does N/n Mean On Facebook?


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The letter N on Facebook is used to show the thumbs down symbol.

There are many other symbols such as hearts and flowers that you can use to get your Facebook to make different symbols.

You can find out all about these on Facebook discussion sites. If you type in 'Facebook discussion site' to a search engine, you will find different sites that you can use to discuss and find out about different face book symbols and different images that you can create from using letters on Facebook.

There will also be different pages within face book that you can like that will tell you all about making different symbols on Facebook and creating different images.

Once you have found these, you will be able to put them into different messages and pass them on to different friends. Why not try the following symbols and see what comes up.
  • (8)
  • (*)
  • <3
These are just a few basic symbols and there are so many more out there for you to explore and use.

Many teenagers use symbols on Facebook rather than words and it is seen as the cool way to communicate, whereas older people that use Facebook use it mainly for its messaging features and to catch up with old friends.

There are millions of Facebook users and the number of users are set to grow by many more as more and more countries start to use Facebook.
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I just found out that when someone tries to read a longer message from facebook through their phone, they need to reply to the message texting the letter "n".  When my friend did this, the message posted to facebook as n/n.

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