How Do You Break Into Someones Facebook?


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Ebony Nash answered
It is highly unethical to hack into someone else’s account and so should not be encouraged to do this. However if it is actually your facebook account and you have forgotten your password or username it is quite simple to retrieve this information. Head to you will be asked to provide either your email address, your mobile number or your facebook username. You will then be sent your password to your email or phone and so can sign into your facebook account once more.

If you are actually wanting to hack into a facebook account to spy on someone there are other ways to keep an eye on them that aren’t illegal. If you are a friend of there’s on facebook you can actually keep an eye on a lot of what they do by simply heading to their facebook wall; this is done by clicking on their profile. You will find a lot of their conversations posted on their wall as well as links to status’ and profiles they have also commented on. If it is a partner you wish to hack because you don’t trust what they have been up to on facebook you could just confront them and ask them to show you their messages on facebook or even ask if they will allow you their password. If they have nothing to hide they may agree to this. Although they may wish to keep some privacy even if they are not doing anything wrong and you should really respect this request.

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