How Do You Tag Someone In A Status On Facebook?


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One of the most popular features of facebook is name tagging. A person can tag a name or group within a status or on peoples' walls, either privately or publicly. It's a way let people know what you're thinking, feeling or your future plans.
People often update their statuses to share various experiences with people, sometimes referencing the people they did this with. For instance, "Going to lunch with John Smith".  John Smith would be tagged in this post.

In order to do this and add a friend's name in a post, simply put this simple before writing their name: @ . Press the shift button, @, then continue writing the name you would like to tag. As you are pressing shift, a list should appear when you write the person's name and you chose who you would like to tag.
For Example, if you would like to tag John Smith in a particular status, the process would go like this:

"I went out for lunch with John Smith today."

"I went out for lunch with [email protected] Smith today."

If you want to include a group, event or application in your status, repeat the name process and the name should appear in the drop-down menu.

This easy process allows you to tag not only one, but multiple people/groups/events in one status.

Tagging is not only used in status updates. It can be used when writing on friends' walls, when commenting on a picture or a wall post, or an event.
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You put an @ and then start typing someones name
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Click tag friend
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Check out on facebook for instructions. They should have them there. I have had many tag me though I do not have a facebook account so just deleted
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Simply click tag friend(people) samething and then click on the photo then type their name in then push tag and you r done hope this helped

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