How Do I Put Pictures From My Email To Facebook?


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It is relatively simple to upload photos to your Facebook page from your email. The first thing you need to do is to log in to your email account and select the photos you want to put onto Facebook. Save the photos from your email account onto your computer so you have them stored. Then you should open up your web browser and log in to Facebook and head to your profile page.

If you want to upload photos to a new photo album then what you need to do is click on 'create a photo album'. It will then ask you to type a name for the photo album and you can also enter the location and description as well as whom you want to view these photos. Then you can upload the photos that you want to add.

To do this you click on 'upload a photo' from the drop down menu and then you just follow the steps and locate the right photos from your computer files and then click 'choose' or 'upload'. You can also add a single photo to display as your profile picture by following the same process. Moreover, if you want to add a photo to an album that already exists, then all you have to do is click on the album in question at the bottom of the page.

Once you have uploaded your photos you can edit them by choosing which photo features as the front of the album as well as write captions next to the photos you wish. You can also move the order of the photo album by dragging and dropping them with your mouse to whichever order you want.
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Well you'd probably first have to Go To Your Email Look at your pics on there an right click on them and  hit Save Image as. Then That will save them to your computer then you can go to facebook and Upload Pictures from your computer to Facebook thats what I do.
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  • Sign onto your Facebook account.and look at the top menu items.
  • at the top, choose SETTINGS
    • from there choose the  MOBILE tab (even if you don't have a mobile phone, I believe this will work.)
      • look in the upper right hand corner for 'Go to Facebook Mobile>>'  and click on it.
      • Look to the first heading on the left which says, Upload Photos via Email
        • under that heading, click on "Send my upload email to me now"
          • a window will pop up that says "send me my personal upload email" and you will be provided a text box containing the external email address that facebook has on file for you -- this is where they will send you your personal upload email address.  
          • click on SEND EMAIL
        • facebook will confirm that they sent an email to you
        • NOW, open up another browser window or tab and check your email for the one facebook sent to the address you indicated
        • inside the email from facebook will be an email address just for you to use to send pics and vids straight to your profile.
      • if you have some pics in an email that you want to forward on to your profile, after you click FORWARD, you will put this new weird little email address in the TO section.
      • delete whatever is in the SUBJECT section and call the pictures whatever you want.
      • I would also suggest you delete any other forwarding headers that are in the email.  
      • leave it to where the email contains only the pics you want to post to your profile, and any descriptive text.  (facebook will publish whatever text is there, so just an fyi)
      • when you're done, click send.  
    • give it  a few minutes to post on your wall.  

IF facebook requires you to set up a mobile account before you can do this, then let me know via email and I'll help you out.
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Geraldine Scott answered
I have a email photo,in my mail and I want to send it to my facebook photo album How can I can I do this?need step by step instructions please?
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Click on "photos" on the left hand side menu. Then click on Browse. Select the photo you want to upload, then click Submit.
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I have a photo that was sent to me on my hotmail address do I transfer that to my facebook page?
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If there is a way to do this directly, I don't know about it, but I don't think there is.  You can post a link to a picture you've found online, but Facebook wants to make sure the pictures you put in albums are really yours, not something that you took from someone else.  So if you want to post a picture somebody sent you in an email, the best way to do it is to save the emailed picture in a file on your computer.  Then go on Facebook to upload the the picture from your files (either by creating an album or simply uploading it to your wall).
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Copy and then paste the picture and after that go to new profile picture and paste it but if you can't do that all you do is save it inst ed of coping and pasting.

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