How To View Who's Viewed My Profile In Facebook?


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Despite there being applications claiming to have the ability to show who has viewed your profile on Facebook and how often they have done so, the official help page of the social networking site states that this is not the case - Facebook administrators have made it technically impossible to do so. The owners of the website also reserve the right to remove any application which can supposedly show who has been viewing an individual's profile for violation of the company's privacy policy, and you can help maintain this level of confidentiality by reporting any feature you feel breaches this rule.

It is also impossible to see the number of people who have viewed specific parts of your profile - for example, your photos or event activities. Likewise, other users can't see whether or not you have viewed their profile, but will be notified if you comment or like a status or photo of theirs. Merely visiting someone's profile is not enough for Facebook to send a notification to another user, however, as only proper interactions will be recorded and seen by the person whose profile you are on.

If you're concerned about the security settings of your profile, you should be rest assured that Facebook uses data encryption methods to protect sensitive information such as login details and status updates. You can access and amend your settings by visiting the 'Privacy Settings' tab under the 'Account' menu in the top right-hand corner of your browser. Here, you can choose whether or not you wish to make certain details on your profile public or private to other members of the global Facebook community. For maximum security, it's widely recommended that you set your account details to private - meaning they can only be seen by friends who you have knowingly accepted on the site.

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