How To View A Blocked Facebook Profile?


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Hannah Barton answered
If you are blocked from viewing a Facebook profile then you will not be able to view it. There are a number of reasons why you may be blocked from viewing this Facebook profile and you will have either been reported so that you would be blocked or the person that owns the Facebook profile will have decided to block you.

Ways to view;

  • Log on to Facebook as someone that has not been blocked from viewing this Facebook page. They will be able to see the page that you are barred from and therefore if you are logged on as them, so will you.
  • Report it to Facebook. If you do not know why you have been blocked from this page, you can contact Facebook and they will give you a reason for why you have been blocked.
  • Ask why you have been blocked. If this is a Facebook page that has been set up by a friend, you can ask them why they have blocked you and find out what the reason is for becoming blocked from their page.
  • Contact the administrator. If this is a fan page that you have been blocked from, see if you can contact the admin on this page and see if they can tell you why you have been blocked. This may be a mistake and they may be able to unblock you straight away.
  • This may be a page for over 21s and you may be under 21.
There are many reasons why you may have been blocked from viewing a page. As Facebook users need protecting, the rules about blocking people are strict so there is not a way to get around a block apart from getting the block removed.
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Cat Valentine answered
It has happened to me before. Well, actually I blocked that person. I think you can unblock that person. I'm not a expert
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If a Facebook user is on the setting Private, you can not look them up or find them. How can you block this one person so, they can you block them???
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When you Block any user in FaceBook then you cannot view in your own circle since because it removed from Friends lists.

Sorry you can not view Blocked User 's Profile.
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You don't!  I'm sure that if you're that concerned with looking at that specific someones profile...then your most likely blocked for a reason!  :)

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