How To View Private Profile On Tagged?


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Yesterday I viewed several profiles but today when I tried to view them they are all reading as THIS PROFILE IS SET TO PRIVATE even my boyfriend's profile too and Iam wondering what is really wrong or how can I go about viewing them.  Please help.
I'm not interested on private profile
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No offense to you if you an internet thrill seeker but,...

Its not really woth the time and effort of viewing a private profile on ANY social network.
Remember what curiosity did to the cat.

People who go to great lengths to hide their profile on a 'public' site are either a little paranoid of other people for any number of reasons (there are nuts on the internet who want to do crazy things to unsuspecting people) or they just want a sense of being exclusive to a certain elite group.
Think about it.

Life's too short. Go surf some history or something. Its far more mentally rewarding.


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