How Do I Edit My Profile On Windows Live Spaces?


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Louise Gorman Profile
Louise Gorman answered
To edit your profile on Windows Live Spaces, you need to be logged in to your hotmail account.

Once you are logged in to Windows Live Spaces, you can start editing sections of you profile. If you haven't yet got a proper profile, then click on 'Create Profile'. You can also add a photo of yourself by clicking on 'Upload Photo'.

You can edit other sections such as the blog section or title and tagline section by clicking on 'Edit', or 'Add' if you haven't yet added any content to the sections (click on 'Manage' to edit your blog).

You can also add and edit friends, edit your booklist, and manage your 'Space Contents'. You can create a custom list and also add your own photo album, which you can edit whenever you like by clicking on 'Edit Album'.

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