Why Can't Edit My Profile In Facebook?


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There are several reasons that this may happen such as an issue with Facebook, your internet connection, or the status of your account.

  • Facebook
There are times when a site can lock up. It may be that a lot of users are online or it is something to do with your page specifically. The edit for your profile is on the left hand side of Facebook where it says 'your profile'. You can select that and then hit 'edit'. You should be able to access the edit page. If there is a problem with Facebook when you are trying to do this, you may find that in 10 minutes or a few hours you are able to edit the page.

It may just take reloading Facebook with the refresh button on your browser. In some cases if you have been logged out, due to timing out of the account, you may have to log back in to edit the page.

  • Slow Internet Connection
Even though a slow internet connection should not affect your editing page, it might. You may have trouble loading the page or moving on to the next page and saving what you have just changed. Since no details were given as to the problem experienced, consider waiting until your connection is fixed and then try again to edit Facebook.

  • Account Status
Did you suspend your account? There is an option where you can suspend your account for a bit of time. It does not mean it is completely removed and you can start the account back up; however, you may not be able to edit the profile even after you log back in to restart the account. This is due to the timing. It could take the servers or personnel at Facebook a bit of time to re-establish the account.

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