Why Can't I Open My Messages On Facebook?


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Cormac Reynolds answered
There may be a number of reasons you can't open your messages on Facebook.

  • Perhaps you are not logged in to your account. Check this and even if you are it might be no harm to log out and to log back in to Facebook to you account. This may allow you to log in to your messages. It is not uncommon for sites to have bugs or glitches in them, which cause them to have little problems like not being able to get into messages.
  • If you have done this and this has not worked, then check if you have any messages in the first place. This may also be a cause of you not being able to open them as you may not have any.
  • Check your browser and see if it is okay. You may have to close your internet explorer window as sometimes certain things can crash outside for your control that may have caused you not being able to open your messages. It is common for Flash player to crash and cause similar problems.
  • Sometimes and in more serious cases it may be an issues with your computer system and it may be best to turn off or restart your computer and it may fix it itself. Otherwise perhaps you should just wait for a period of time and see if the problem fixes itself.
  • There are a number of reasons this could happen and it may be a problem with the site or the site being updated. These issues may cause the problem with getting into your account.

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