I can't open and when I search for it changes to beta Meez.. It doesn't have nice clothes or animation and stuff. All my friends on Meez can open so why can't I?


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Sounds like is running a split test or an A/B test.

This is when a website redesign is being tested out to see how users interact with it.

To get accurate results, the new website or "beta" will usually appear to 50% of users, and the old one will to appear to the rest.

The user interaction, time on page, and other metrics will be tracked up to see if the new design performs better than the old one.

However, it sounds to me like either the new Meez beta design isn't very good, or some of the functionality of the site was broken when they put the beta design live.

My suggestion would be to either get in touch with Meez (if they are testing, then I'm sure they would appreciate your feedback) - or wait a few days and see if things have gone back to normal.

If you are impatient, you could use a proxy to give yourself a different ip address, and then try to access again, but it will be a 50% chance you'll end up with the new design again.

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