My Account Was Stolen On How Do You Hack A Meez Acount Back?


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All you do is talk to roscoe you can find
his number on google but make sure its
roscoe the creator of meez then tell them
what happen I did that and I got my account
back I'm happy so just folllow my step add me
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Fill out a hacked account form.
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I've been hacked plenty of times! Just get your account back!  1. Go to and click forgot passoword/ username.  2. Type in the email used for that meez account.  3.  Go to your email and go to your inbox, and Roscoe should have sent you a reminder of your email and password  4. Go back to meez maker and type in your username and pass  5.  You should be logged in.  6.  Hurry up and change your password again!                        Don't ever give away your passoword to anybody!!! Understand!
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You can't hack them back but go on meez and go to forgot password and put in you email address!!!! Ta da
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The hacked account form never gives you your account.It's a waste of time.The only time that form works is if you had a credit card on it.That's why when you buy vip with a cc you get a reciept.Keep it so if you get banned or hacked you can get it back with the case number.It worked for me.
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Try to become friends with the hacker that hacked your account back and try to hack them back thats the best way
if you fill out a hacked form it will just get your hacked account banned -.-''

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