How Do I Hack A Meez Account?


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The only way to hack a Meez account is to have software that enables the hacker to access passwords on peoples accounts. This is classed as fraud though and is not advisable. It is possible to obtain VIP usernames and passwords to upgrade an account.

  • Upgrading to VIP status
This can be achieved by visiting a website, Once on the website, click on the contact me tab to the left of the screen, and request to made a VIP, ensuring that the user name and password are inputted. This enables the encryption system to be accessed and allows VIP status by gaining extra coins for use on individual games.

  • Meez is a site that allows a number of games to be played online. The site requires registration, and a user name and password need to be selected to achieve this. The VIP account normally requires payment, but people can still play for free, although doing this means that game play is limited and that the time to gain extra coins is longer than with a VIP account. There are over 100 games on the site and these include puzzle games, and strategy games. Some examples of games that can be played on the site are Flipit World Tour, Xtreme Sports Challenge, Goldilocks - A Twisted Fairytale and Miki - The Space Police.

  • Platforms
Meez is accessible on both PC and MAC, and there is now also a version for the iPhone, that is available on the iPhone and the iPod Touch. The game play includes a chat facility that enables users to chat with others whilst taking part in the games.
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They will know immediately. Hacking is not good. Nor is it honest.
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YoU can also get banned for good mih cuzn got banned off of meez for good and now he had to make another one
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If you trick them They`ll kno because I tryed it out wit mii *nood" account and if you do they will just banned you from the site so you can't play meez anymore
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I Tried This And Ghot Banned From The Site -_-  Thanks Anyway
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Um I said lier you can still play on meez yew will get banned for 5 days um sorry add me I am 90tiah90 and have fun also I need a vip account

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