What Are Some Meez V.I.P Usernames And Passwords?


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The easiest way to obtain Meez VIP usernames and passwords is to visit a website that claims to be able to upgrade users to VIP status. An example of one of these sites is

The website claims that to upgrade to VIP status you need to:
• Click on the 'contact me' tab on the left hand side of the screen
• Request to be made a VIP, ensuring that the username and password you are currently using is entered
Once these steps have been followed, they claim that they have the ability to fool the encryption system that Meez uses. They also claim that even if you already have a Meez VIP account, they can obtain extra coins for you. contains a number of games that can be played on the Internet. An account must be created to be able to play online, and there are a couple of different accounts available to users. There is an account that requires payment (the VIP account), and a free account that still enables you to play the games, but the game play will be more limited as the time it takes to gain coins is longer.

There are over 100 games on the site and the titles include Ultimate Leprechauns, Ranch Rush and Goldilocks - a Twisted Fairytale. These and the other games that are available vary in game style. Some are puzzle games, and some are more strategy based.

The site enables the user to create a profile and chat with other users, and there are also some handy tips available on the website about certain games. There is even a link to enable purchase of 'Meez gear'.
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