What R Sum Meez Vip User Names And Password?


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A number of Meez VIP usernames and passwords can be found on the Internet. In most cases, these are account details that are no longer needed or wanted by the original owner. Below are a number of such combinations:

• Username: _vip-bb78_
Password:  Akavip9
• Username: Furry6100
Password: Hannahmontana
• Username: Booty
Password: Money
• Username: Imcool898                                                                                                                                    Password: Yomama399797

These accounts were all active at one time. However, there is no guarantee they will still be in existence. As well as this, it should be noted that a large number of Internet users may have access to these accounts. One of these people may well have changed the password to the account, therefore making it their own.

Meez is a social networking website aimed at pre-teens and teenagers. On it, users can create their own individual avatars and dress them up in various clothing items. They can then explore the world of Meez, enjoying the various games and features available. The game is free to play. However, additional elements of the game can be accessed at a price. The majority of Meez players do not contribute real money towards the playing of the game.

• User interaction

Users of the Meez website have the opportunity to socialize with one another through their avatars. Whilst out in the Meez virtual world, they can see the avatars of other players and interact with them. These encounters are usually random, although you can meet with your friends' avatars. You can also build friendships directly through the game, taking advantage of the messaging features. Of course, caution should be taken at all times and parental supervision is absolutely necessary. Anybody can join the Meez community, and there is no guarantee the person behind an avatar is who they claim to be; never meet up with somebody you met on an online gaming site to avoid danger.

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