How To Download Gta San Andreas Om Ipod Touch?


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I do not think you can, to be honest. To do this in the correct (and legal) way, there pretty much has to be an application which can be downloaded from Apple's app store.

At present there is not such an app for GTA San Andreas unfortunately. There may well be ways of doing this illegally from an actual San Andreas game, however, I would not advise this. Keep checking the Apple App store site as they are adding more games every day.

There are currently a lot of cheat and walk through apps designed for GTA San Andreas, however not the actual full game itself. Usually games similar to GTA San Andreas are priced at around $4 or £3.

More and more console games are making their way to the App market, such as Call of Duty, SIMS, FIFA and Crash Bandicoot amongst many others. There are other driving games which can be downloaded, although probably not too similar to GTA San Andreas as many aspects of this game are copyright protected and so getting a very closely related game would be difficult.

If you go to the following link, you will be able to search through all the games available to download onto the iPod Touch

As mentioned earlier, these are continually updated and more are brought out all of the time so keep checking for the emergence of GTA San Andreas; I'm sure it will appear soon or they will be losing out on a lot of possible revenue.

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