How Can You Skip A Mission In Gta San Andreas?


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Unfortunately you can't skip missions in 'Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas'.
Rockstar, (the game's developer) do however, allow cheats to be used in the game to ease the completion of some levels. If you are stuck on a mission a good tactic is to consult a walkthrough. This will give you an idea of how to complete the level, and more in-depth ones have YouTube videos to assist such an attempt.

You can find comprehensive walkthrough help here -
  • What is Grand Theft Auto?
Grand Theft Auto or GTA is a game series available on all major consoles. The stories and characters differ but ultimately it is the tale of criminal behavior and getting dragged into the murky underworld of more dangerous and illicit activities. The game is classed as action but is heavily reliant on vehicle theft, many gunfights, clashing with the police, other gangs, and even innocent civilians.

This is, of course, just a game. It is an 18 plus and rated R for its serious nature of content. The adults who play it are able to distinguish between fictional violence and criminality and actually carrying out the real thing.

  • What about the crime?
Grand Theft Auto is a real crime in the US. Officially known as Motor Vehicle Theft, it includes things such as theft without keys, theft with keys, carjacking, opportunistic theft and fraudulent theft - the use of illicit funds or a fake identity to purchase a vehicle.

  • Where could I find game cheats?
The same fansite with the walkthrough also hosts cheat codes for the Xbox, Playstation and PCs. The URL is . If the site doesn't have codes that work, a quick browse via a search engine will find plenty of other sites listing a variety of codes.
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There is a cheat but I can't find it right now but I do remember using it ill try to fing it
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The r1 r2 l1 l2 x x x o l1 l2 r1 r2 is fake I don't think you can skip a mission:( I hate the mission air raid
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You can't skip missions in GTA IV but what you can do is use someone else's game save if you know someone who has already completed it or download someone else's Game Save frome the internet using Or you can go on gamespot and read a walkthrough for that mission so you can do it yourself.
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There is no possible way you can ever skip a mission. 'cause I'm stuck on big smoke: Just bussiness and it's difficult
hope it helps
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I shecked on other 1s yh there all bullshits and the guy who rote that it does not work ok

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That skip cheat def.doesn't work..stuck on learning to fly aswell,totally going nuts here..who can help,I'm on a PS2 and simply cannot complete it.
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Yes on a ps2 you key in r1, r2 l1, l2, x, x, x, o, l1, l2, r1, r2 thanks Paul hope this helps

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