How To Skip A Gta Vice City Mission In Pc?


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According to a whole list of sources, there is no such thing as a GTA Vice City mission complete cheat. So, upsetting as this may be to some players, each mission will have to be completed the old-fashioned way of actually playing through the game.

  • Playing the game
This should not really be a major problem. After all, the whole point of having a game in the first place is to play it, is it not? Maybe we are missing something.

Whichever game is in question, somebody somewhere is asking for a cheat in order to save them playing at least parts of a game. Why is this, one has to wonder?

Games are there for fun, to have a good time. If playing the game all the way through is that much of a chore, maybe it just is not the right game.

  • Back to the game
Better get off the high horse and back to GTA Vice City skip mission cheats. As was previously established, there are no cheats. There are, however, a few handy walk-throughs to each mission on GTAVice.

  • Hints and tips
There are also a multitude of helpful hints and tips what to find where and how to complete various missions on GTAForums. The best thing to do is to take some time out from the game and have a long read.

  • Clear details
Things are explained very clearly on these pages, to the point where even this author, who is a real dimwit when it comes to games, feels they could actually play this game and get somewhere.

This really is saying something, because the last time she tried to play a game, it exploded into congratulations on reaching level two before she had figured out what to do on level one.
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You have to run from the police
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I don't think there is sorry. But if you need help passing death row just sneak throught the back of the junkyard kill the people at the door of the shed get lance and sneak through the back. Then when diaz's guys trying to kill you get away from the wall and type in bigbang then walla mission passed!!
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First use infinite health, armor no police, damage proof car... Cheats the missions will be for some minutes

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