How Do You Find A Munchlax In Pokemon Platinum?


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You go to the valley windworks,you might want to go wensday,its chaos,so go early,if honey is already there,and its shakes a lot,you have a 99.99 chance of seeing him,and some others 20.00 chance, and I have a deck full of em,shiny ones-3 normal ones-3,all lv 85-95
mine are
-sir eats a lot[lv.87][normal]
-sir naps a lot[lv.89][shiny]
-red fur[lv.91][shiny]
hope this helps!
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Munchlax is found in any golden-colored tree. You have to slather honey on it and wait 6 hours.

You do only have a 1% chance of actually finding one but that didnt stop me!
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You slather some honey on a honey tree, wait about 6 hours and at random a munchlax can appear.

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You put honey on a sweet smelling tree and come back to it about 6 hours later and hope its a munchlax. But there is a 1% chance it will be a munchlax. You could also use an action replay or ask someone that has one to breed and give you one.
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You can find it on a honey tree, its very rare, try to use the same tree a lot of times, I hope I help

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