How To Swim In Gta Vice City Pc?


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Download swim mode
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You cannot swim in GTA vice city pc version
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You connot swim in vice city!,no matter what you try,it wont work!,I hate the fact that you can't swim in gta vice city,hate ,hate it:(
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I hate to break this to you, but you cannot swim in Vice City. Nothing you do will change that, either. You can drive a boat, but you cannot swim. It's a shame, I know, but that is just the way it was programmed.
However, in both San Andreas and GTA IV, you can swim. So if it bothers you too much, I would then suggest you try one of them.
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You can't swim in GTA vice city so be careful not to fall into the water. But you can float a car in the water by using the cheat 'seaways' typed during the game like other cheats. You have to sit inside a car and go into the water through the beach or a flat surface do not jump. It will go as if it is a boat.
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First you will have to put in a cheat code in to learn how to swim, 2nd you can download a kit from to make your person know how to swin,3rd of all. If them 2 odjectives don't work then there is no way your person can learn how to swim

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