Gta vice city mission completed Chet code?


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There is no cheat to automatically complete a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.
Since Grand Theft Auto: 3, there have been a set of cheats present in each game. However these cheats do not assist a player in completing the game, instead they range from 'All weapons' - which gives you every weapon in the game - to 'Lower wanted level', which removes your wanted level completely and stops the police from hunting you. In each game, the entry for the cheat has been a slightly different set of buttons pushed in a certain order.

'GTA: Vice City' is part of the popular Grand Theft Auto video game series. The video games revolve around one playable character in a city (the location changes with each game) who must complete a set of missions. The games usually delve into the seedy underworld and are very violent - they feature an extensive set of weapons, and when you indulge in criminal activity, the game gives you a 'wanted' rating, which increases the police presence in your location, until you are either killed, the police manage to arrest you, or you successfully escape. The first two games had an aerial view of a car driving around the city, before they developed into a 3D view with  the camera following the character around the city.

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