What Is The Jet Pack Cheat Code For GTA Vice City Pc?


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If you want Jet Pack cheat codes for Grand Theft Auto  Vice City for your PC, have a look at this site: Not only does it give you cheats, but it also gives hints and walkthroughs so that you can get the most out of your game playing. There is also a section dedicated to FAQ (frequently asked questions) so if there is something else that you need to know, you will probably find the answer here.

If you want to share your opinion of GTA's Jet Pack, you will also be able to do that on this site, because it welcomes user reviews. This is also useful because you can get to know what other people think too. There's also a forum so you will be able to share your knowledge and thoughts with likeminded people, and you will also get the opportunity to find out some things about Jet Pack that maybe you didn't already know.

Grand Theft Auto has been a phenomenal success for its creators, Rockstar Games, and Vice City is the second 3D game in the series and the sixth overall original title. It was preceded by Grand Theft Auto III and followed by Grand Theft  Auto: San Andreas.

Vice City is set in the mid 1980s and draws its inspiration from American culture. The story focuses on Mafia hit man Tommy Vercetti, who has recently been released from jail. He is looking for the people who are responsible for a drug deal that went wrong, while at the same time building a criminal empire and grabbing power from the other criminal fraternities in the city.

The game has a huge cityscape, which is fully populated. Because it has 'open-world' game play, players have more control over the game than usual.
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There are no jet pack code for gta vice city
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Give me the fuel pack
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Dose any one no any cheats 4 godfather or dose any one no the darth vader cheat in lego star wars the video game

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