What is the cheat code of spiderman in pc gta san andreas?


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According to some online sources, the cheat code of Spiderman on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on the computer is "leanest". Others suggest that the code is "paledium". However, there are a number of different ways you can access the Spiderman mod on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for the computer.

On YouTube, there is a wide range of videos which provide demonstrations and tutorials concerning how to use cheat codes such as the Spiderman cheat code. One such video can be found here: This video demonstrates how to download the correct software in order to access Spiderman on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. You should use the instructions in this video in conjunction with the file found at This will allow you to access Spiderman.

  • Use your controller
You can use your controller or keyboard as a platform for entering cheat codes in order to access the Spiderman mod for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. A common code which has appeared on a number of online forums and other sources is as follows: Left, right, up, down, R1, R1, R3, R3, left, down, right, up.

Another common code is as follows: Left, right, triangle, up, right, circle, up, up, down. Of course, whichever code you decide to enter will depend on which type of controller you use to play Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. You must ensure that you press the keys in the correct order for the code to work.

  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
San Andreas is the eighth game in the Grand Theft Auto gaming series.  The game is set in the fictional city of San Andreas, and follows the exploits of Carl Johnson, otherwise known as CJ. CJ has returned to San Andreas after his mother was found dead, and the game follows CJ as he attempts to solve the mystery surrounding his mother's death. Along the way, CJ makes new friendships and relationships, and encounters a great deal of danger.

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