What Is The Difference Between GTA San Andreas And GTA Vice City?


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There is a vast diffrence in these two sequels of Grand Theft Auto.
First of all the biggest diffrence between these games is in the size of the map.Gta Vice City has a compatitively small map to play inn and on the other hand Gta San Andreas has an extremly large map to cruise around in.

Other than that, swimming is also an important part because in "vice city" the game did feature water but the player was not able to swim in it while in Gta San Andreas the player can swim if he doesnt have any kind of transport available.San Andreas also provides an overall player physique maintenance engine which allows the player to increase stamina,respect in the hood and body mass through regular exercise's in gyms available in San Andreas.

San Andreas also provides a number of new weapon's and arms such as a ninja sword,a parachute and a new stealth technique to attack enemies.A new addition to it is the use of a bi-cycle that often comes in handy when cars aint around.The last thing I observed was the making girlfriend's and goin out with them for date's in dance clubs and dancing on the beat that run's in the background, having dinner or lunch at resturants or either chilling around in coctail bar's.All along San Andreas is way better than its last sequel Gta Vice City and San Andreas is a must play for Gta Fans.
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The first difference is the location, the former is in San Andreas, and the other in the tropical Vice City. Then there is the character you play as, in San Andreas it is the Grove Street Gangster Carl Johnson, and in Vice City it is the mafia man Tommy Vercetti. Most of the cars are the same, with some few extras, of course.
But in San Andreas you are able to swim and dive underwater, giving a much wider area to explore. New game play features are added as well, including the all new gang wars, and the ability to have girlfriends.
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I saw that there is a big difference in both games there are many more exciting features in san andreas but I thing vice city was a better game to play
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San Andreas is a much bigger place than GTA Vice City
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The difference is that vice city is an older version and san andreas is a newer one. Its like windows 97 and xp where san andreas is xp
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I think Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is Always Better then Grand Theft Auto Vice City, But The Colours of building and other colour full graphics are not same as in Gta vice city.
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There is a big difference, you can swim on and lots of other stuff.
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Well there are many differences but the main one is one is set in vice city and the other in the state of san Andreas.  I wont list all of the differences we will be here for hours but I will give you some examples e.g. Larger variety of plains and helicopters, more cars and much much much bigger map.
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GTA san andreas is a much better game than vice city as san andreas has many advantages like going to the gym,eating pizza/burgers,having girlfriends, swimming,flying and many more.all these are not available in GTA vice city

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