How To Fix Patrick's Crane My Sims Agents Wii?


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To fix Patrick's Crane on 'My Sims: Agents' on the Nintendo Wii you need to wire up the generator to the big box. Then there are three small gears in the middle, next to a large gear. You need to put the other large gear onto the middle small gear. There are also two gears at the top. Place the spare small gear below this. You then just need to set up three pulleys with hooks and you've made Patrick's Crane.

A previous Blurtit article has a print-screen image of the crane once completed correctly -
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'My Sims: Agents' is a spin-off game from The Sims. It's an action/adventure game with classic Sim-style characters who try and uncover the evil plans of Morcubus; the CEO of MorcuCorp. The premise of the game is that you form a team and, with an array of gadgets, hunt for clues and try and uncover Morcubus' corruption.

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I don't know, I'm stuck too. I'm just checking the answers here to get the answer!!! LOL.
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So now how do you fix the dang submarine people any screen shots for that please I'm helpless please don't know where to put gears
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I'm stuck on the crane part too, and now I'm scared that I'm gunna get stuck on the submarine. A lot of people have been saying it's hard. I also had to look up on how to analyze the bird eggs on blurtit too!
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Hook up wires from the generator to big box. Place large gear on top of middle of 3 small gears located next to large gear in middle. Where the 2 gears are alone at the top place small gear directly below. Then hook up 3 pulleys and you're through
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Here if you copy and paste this into you search bar its a screenshot of it and its the real one :):    hope I helped

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