How To Analyze The Birds Eggs In My Sims Agents?


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You need to place four pink atoms in the middle, then two purple atoms on each side. Then you have to place eight green atoms, four at the left and at the right of the purple atoms and four below and above the pink atoms. Finally, place four light blue atoms on the bottom, two in the left and two in the right. That’s four pink, four purple, eight green, and four light-blue atoms.

The eggs are pretty important at this level and analyzing them can be a tricky business. Gamers playing My Sims Agents don’t usually like to analyze and often complain they’re stuck at certain points, even if solving these problems is precisely the thing that gives them pleasure and makes them go further in the quest to save the world from evil Morcubus.

After analyzing the eggs, you’ll find out that they’re Packaboo eggs, and you’ll be given the explanation that Cyanocitta Packaboos are birds that build more than one nest, using just about any material they can find. You should have been able to get a hint here: The eggs are blue cyan, and the name of the bird, Cyanocitta, means blue jay, a bird that actually builds many nests over one year.

This will take you to a new explanation that the jay "must have used the letters in various nests around town,” which is all you need to go on. From here, you should ask around if anybody has seen birds. To do that, leave the nest in the Forest Park and head to the Main Street. And make sure you don’t fall off the trees while descending the tree.

Even if this isn’t a very easy level, solving it by yourself will give you much confidence and also the necessary skills you’ll need to finish the entire quest without further help.
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I'm stuck on the part where your doing the bird eggs in "Fort Derek" trying to find Poppy's letters for the will reading. Help? And anything before that I can help too.
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Hey how do you analyze the sea weed on sims 2 agents on the wii so hard!!!!! On the boardwalk beach level??
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Yes you do cause I beat the game so I am telling the truth
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Ok, it starts off looking like this...  

R-R .. Itll end looking like this ...   B-G
  B     P-G
  P-G     B

- (side bond)

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