Where To Put Atoms When You Analyze Black Liquid In The Water On The Beach In My Sims Agents?


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This is a really good site to find all the answers to any questions that you may have about MySims Agents: There are lots of questions that have already been asked so you could find the answer to your question already posted, but if not, all that you have to do is to register and ask your question.

When you go onto this site you are also able to discuss the game with other players so you can share your pleasure, knowledge and expertise, as well as learn a few new things, too.

  • MySims Agents
MySims Agents was added to the Sims portfolio in September 2009. It is an adventure, mystery solving game designed for the Nintendo Wii and DS.

The objective of the game is to stop Morcubus, who is the lord of the criminal underworld from carrying out his evil plans.

  • Where the game is played
Headquarters for this game is the Basement, Loft, Patio, Hanger and Lobby; where you can can have three agents each apart from the lobby.

Main Street, which includes the park and forest, Chef Gino's Pizzeria, City Hall, Shirley's Hair Salon, Town Square, Patrick's Construction Site and Evelyn's Apartment.

The Ski Lodge that looks like it is inhabited by a yeti.

The Industrial District, which houses The Junkyard, Dr F's Lab and Dj Candy's Club, as well as a sewer path.

An 1800s style Southern mansion belonging to Cyrus Bordreaux that has a zombie butler and a room that contains the only sample of a mysterious coral in the world.

The Boardwalk, which is the town's beachfront and where Luke's Surf Shop can be found as well as Justice's tattoo shop.

There is also a mysterious jungle where you will find an ancient civilization's temple complex, and a number of different shrines.

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