Is There A Cheat For Vice City Stories To Drive On Water?


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The drive on water cheat for Vice City Stories on the PSP is online. The best way to find this is by looking on fansites to find out how you can get hold of the cheat.

Some of the best places to look for cheats are;

  • Official website
The official website for Vice City will have a section about different actions you can do and also any cheats that are new. These are usually released slowly so that every now and again there will be a new cheat for a new thing so keep your eyes peeled.

  • Any Vice City fan sites or forums
There will be different fan sites and some will have sections for cheat codes. If you can not find a section for cheats, have a look at the different forum discussion board topics and you should be able to find different cheats on there. If you can not find any, why not start up your own discussion topic on these.

  • Ask your friends
If your friends also play the game, you will be able to ask them if they know about the cheat and if they have used it before. They might also know a way to drive on the water without having to use the cheat.

With all cheats, there is a way to perform the task properly without using the cheat code. On many computer games, finding how to do this can be extremely hard and you may not find this very easily.

See if there is anywhere near the water that you can find a way to drive on the water without having to use the cheat code or asking around about how to do it. You will feel like you have achieved so much more if you do it this way.
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I tried what someone said it says cheat activated but doesnt drive on water it right up left down triangle triangle L1 R1
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For psp

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