Is It Safe At All For A 14 Year Old Girl To Meet A 17/18 Year Old Boy That She Has Met Over The Internet?


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Not unless you are with a responsible adult
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Terrianna Goodrich
Yeah but what if your parents would kill you if they found out about him I've been talking to him for two months and my parents know nothing about him.
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Are you crazy? Of course its unsafe to meet someone online. Let alone he being older than you 3 to 4 years. Besides a relationship between the two will be bound to demise.
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No it's not safe no much bad things is going on in this world. Don't go unless you are with a parent
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Well if you meet in a public place and don't really go anywhere private with him then i guess so...or it your have like a parent with you
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NO, no, no.  You are too young for 17/18 year old  boys especially one you met on the internet.     
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I totally agree with all the ladies , that is a big risk meeting someone over the internet , Do you realize that 17 year old could be a 35 to 45 year old male or female sex offender , You might never see your parents again , That is a too big of a risk
There is older guys , posing as younger guys on the internet
what the fathers do , is place their sons on the web cam or sends their sons picture on the internet be careful please

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