How To Get Level 3 On Meez Powers?


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There appears to be no evidence that there is even a level 3 on Meez Powers, most people have stated categorically that there is no third level, however some VIP members have claimed to have reached it themselves or that have friends that have reached it. However, the information is so vague and secretive that it leaves me skeptical as to whether these claims are true.

  • Meez
Meez is a 3D avatar ID that is created in order to represent yourself almost everywhere that you visit on the World Wide Web. Meez are customizable so that you can create an entirely new you or so that you can have them look like a cartoon virtual reality version of your real-life self.

  • Using Meez
As already mentioned, Meez can be used almost anywhere on the Internet, such as personal web pages, forums, personal messaging etc.

  • Meez nation
Meez nation is basically a virtual world chat room where you can talk to people in 'hang outs', these are public chat rooms or you can buy private rooms to host up to 11 people.

  • Hoods
There are six different hoods within Meez nation which can be explored. Each hood has its own unique style and personality.

  • Cost
Meez is free to join and use, although VIP membership does require a paid subscription and costs $9.99 per month on a rolling monthly contract, $25 a quarter, $45 for six-months and an annual subscription of $75 is also available. It also costs to buy Meez cash, which can be purchased via credit card.

  • Joining Meez
Registration is via the Meez official website at by clicking sign up and following the instructions.

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