What Is The Primary Dns Code For Pokemon Cressilia?


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The primary DNS code for Pokemon Cresselia is always the same as the server your Internet is connected to, this will normally begin with the digits 192. The server can only communicate with one DS at a time and this can cause problems if more than one person is trying to access the server at any one time.
Pokemon Cresselia is a character in the Diamond and Pearl versions of the popular Pokemon games. The character has high defense ratings and can withstand most attacks.
The character does have some weaknesses, some of these include sandstorms, and Tyranitar and Scizor, two other characters in the game. The character is a tank that stops the annihilation of teams and is resistant to damage from many of the other characters in the game, including Stealth Rock and Stone Edge.
The movepool that Cresselia holds is sufficient to support teammates and to carry out her purposes, which include taking out opposing Pokemon.

Cresselia is classed as a psychic Pokemon and her stats are as follows:
  • HP: 191
  • Attack: 95
  • Defence: 126
  • SP Attack: 90
  • SP Defense: 145
  • Speed:101
Pokemon Diamond and Pearl are the fourth generation of Pokemon games, they were developed by Game Freak and are available for use on the Nintendo DS console. The game was the first of the Pokemon series that could be played over the Internet, using the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection.

The game received many positive reviews, mainly because of the ability to play it over the Internet. The success of the games was superior to the predecessors and to date they have sold 18 million units worldwide.

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