What Is The Function Of DNS Protocols?


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The functions of Domain Name Systems (DNS) has many protocols. Among them is creating MX records so your email gets sent to the right server for you can receive it. The beginning of DNS was the mapping of IP addresses to computer names.

In the early days DNS was called Distributed Names Service. Single computers held the names of individual computers, emails landed on those computers and were forwarded to appropriate person. Then came the RCODE, are response code called NX or non-existent domain. Messages let us know when a site we are looking for is not in a domain.

Communication technology has grown and continues growing, because of the DNS protocols. Go to www.windowsnetworking.com/articles_tutorials/Understanding DNS-Protocol-Part1.html You will find a full explanation of DNS protocols, past and present. There are three parts to the series and additional information. Enter your email to get information sent to you.

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