What Are The Applications Of DNS?


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The system maintained easy scenario. The DNS includes some of other applications as follows:
• Host names and IP addresses do not need similar on a one-to-one basis. A number of host names may correspond to a single IP address: combined with virtual hosting, this provides a single machine to main unit many web sites. Alternatively only one host name may corresponds to many IP addresses: this can provides fault tolerance and weight distribution, and also gives a site to move physical site seamlessly.

• There are a number of benefits of DNS besides transmitting names to IP addresses. For example, Mail transfer agents use DNS to get where to distribute e-mail for a specific address. The domain to mail exchanger measuring provided by MX files accommodates another layer of error tolerance and load distribution on high of the name to IP address measuring.

• A messenger Policy Framework and domain keys and take advantage of another DNS record type, the TXTfile.
• To facilitate resilience in the time of computer failure, multiple DNS main units facilitate coverage of each domain. In particular, more than thirteen roots to the main units exist worldwide. DNS procedures or operating systems have the IP addresses of these main units built in.

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