What Are The Areas Of Computer Application?


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There are four areas of computer application which include word processing, internet, spreadsheet and email. You should keep in mind that not all computers already have these applications installed.

  • Word Processing
This form of application is used to write documents for personal use or essays for academic work. Also, they have features where you can access templates for letters or invoices if it is needed. You could also write reports as well as resumes. You can use it to write any form of document.

  • Internet
Computers have the ability to access the world wide web in which you can search through various websites as well as social networking sites that allow you to interact with other people that are also internet users. In addition, the internet lets you do any form of research if you need to find information for various things.

  • Spreadsheet
This particular application is good for people that wish to keep note of a budget or perhaps create a timetable of tasks that you need to do over the period of a week or month. The application allows you to insert tables and columns where you add in information. Moreover you can create your own address book if you choose to.

  • Email
This coincides with the internet application however; you can access it from cell phones if you have the appropriate software. You can sign up for email for free and it allows you to have your own personal address that you can give out to people and colleagues in order to get in contact with you via the internet.
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