What are the computer applications in the field of medicine, education, entertainment and communication?


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Computer technology is used in a number of ways in these fields.

  • Computer applications in the field of medicine

Medicine has been vastly improved by the incorporation of computer technology. Computers can be used to make the running of a health institution such as a hospital more efficient, as patient records can be stored on a computer system. Computer equipment such as X-ray machines and CT scanners can be used to take detailed, accurate pictures of a patient's internal workings. Computerized robots can even be used to assist in, or to carry out, complicated surgery.

  • Computer applications in the field of education

Computers can be used in education to provide students with a vast array of learning resources. For example, students can use the internet as an information source, or can use specially designed educational computer games in order to aid their learning. Computer equipment such as interactive whiteboards allows the classroom to become an interactive and technological learning center. Even simple actions, such as taking attendance (or a register, as it is known in the UK) can be done on a computer to avoid disasters such as lost paperwork.

  • Computer applications in the field of entertainment

One of the most significant applications of computers in the field of entertainment is in the movie industry, specifically CGI (computer-generated images) and special effects. Computers can be used to create lifelike characters, events and even whole landscapes, which can seamlessly be incorporated into a non-animated movie.

  • Computer applications in the field of communication

Computers allow us to contact friends, family and colleagues from all over the world. Programs such as MSN Messenger and Skype enable us to carry out real-time video calls, whilst social networking sites such as Facebook allow us to connect and interact with others like never before.
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