What Are Application Of Computer Network In Different Fields?


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One application of a computer network in a field is distributed computing.

  • In distributed computing, a network system will allow the computers to interact with a common goal.
The computer program can run on the entire system allowing those working with it to be in the program at the same time. It can allow for many tasks to be divided up.

  • Computer science may use a computer network in a different way.
There are many sub-fields to computer science such as computational complexity theory. The point is that in each of these categories you will have a different use for a computer network. It may be so that you and another person can share information in order to write a program. It may also be so that you can network with other computers in the event that something needs to be fixed in one go, all at once.

  • IT support
IT support departments are a good example of how a computer network can work to your advantage. In an IT department, a network of computers can communicate with each other. If the person working on one computer has an issue they can call the IT department. The person in the department can log-in as the administrator for the computer and actually take over that computer. They can move the mouse on the screen, open applications, and work to solve the problem.

The IT department does not have to be in the same state or even the same country. It can all be done via the network connection on the computer system. All other computer science fields have the same basic principle, in that a computer network allows for better communication within a system. This can be useful in instances such as running a program without any human interaction or the user remotely interacting with a computer some distance away.
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Applications of computer network like
b)real time applications
c)vedio conference
f)file sharing...
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1. E-Commerce,m-Commerce

2. Banking,Games,Entertainment,Ticketing

3. Pattern Matching,Signature Recognizance

4. Weather report,Online education

5. Robotics,Door lock System

6. Etc.....
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Different application fields of computer

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