What Are The Importance Of Computers?


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Computers are extremely important in the modern world of today. In the fast moving life of the modern world of today, computers hold tremendous significance. Many of us will feel crippled without a computer, as we have gotten so used to this machine. The importance of computers can not be denied in the corporate or business world, at the work place and even in one's personal life.

In the modern work place, pen are paper are becoming extent. It will not be long ,before pen and paper stop to exist altogether. Same is the case in schools and colleges. Children today are forgetting how to write and many blame their awful hand writing on this machine which has taught everyone to type at a speed of at least 50 to 60 words per minute. The children of today have bad handwritings and the children of tomorrow may not even know how to hold a pen. Thanks to the computer.

Computer has become an important tool for keeping databases, filing systems, track records. It has made record keeping and account keeping much much easier than it ever was. It helps an organization save tons of times. It has made data analysis extremely easy, and it can be done at a single click of the mouse.

Computers also serve as useful tools for communications. Normal post is now commonly referred to as snail mail, as the must faster email has replaced it.
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There are various ways through which computers are widely used in the banking industry. It can be used to carry out from simple to complex tasks of the banks. For example, instead of making manual records and then storing the files, all data is stored on computers. It is more quick and productive. More data can be stored in this way. Moreover, data can be easily stored, and retrieved from computers.

The online banking further gives the evidence of excessive use of computers in banking sectors. Just in a couple of seconds you can retrieve all of your previous transactions in your accounts. Transfer of money can be also made online through these computers. Have you ever noticed that banking sector in the world is moving from traditional banking sector to electronic banking sector. This is possible only through the introduction of computers in banking sector.

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Importance of Computer: Computer is said to be the biggest invention of the 20th century. Computer can process the given data very fast that a human being cannot. Computer can store huge amount of data (e.g. hundreds of books can be stored in a small memory chip). Computer can make decisions very quickly on given problems by using internal instructions. By connecting computer with each other we can form networks and this technique helped to invent internet which is a source of information almost for every kind of computer user.

Computers can be used almost in ever field of life.
Education: We can use computers in education. We can use computers for presentation, to show some simulation.
Medical: We can use computer in medical field. We can use computers for research and in the treatment of patients. We can use computers for research purposes.
Architecture: We can use computers to design architects of buildings. We can design 3D realist buildings before actually designing them.
Scientific Research: Scientists can use computers for their search work. They can simulate research processes like atomic, chemical or other processes.
Sports: Computer can be used in sports for analysis, research and training purposes.
Entertainment: Computer games and movies are source of entertainment.
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There are many things you can do with computers. You can shop for stuff online, pay the bills, find your local news, and many more.
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Computers have saved the banking industry millions and millions of dollars.  It ultimately allows for greater efficiencies by enabling the banks to phase out legacy "paper" processes for streamlined computerized processes through customized software programming.  The "Check 21" initiative will save hundreds of millions of dollars a day by eliminated paper check transfers.
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-computers don't make errors (although people do, and sometimes computers have to go on the wrong information)

-computers can make you more money by being more precise about the amount of value transferred than the currency itself is. Eg, if you change from THB to USD, there are numbers after 2 decimal places that the currency can't track that the bank can then retain as earning. It sounds small, but imagine the number of people in the world who are transferring any money anywhere, and you'll see that it adds up.

-computers can store more information than an entire library of papers, books, etc. It means that you can consolidate everything, have it in one place, and make it easy to find.

-computers can be networked, allowing you to look up information remotely.

-many more reasons. Is this a textbook question or are you genuinely curious? Computers, although technical, shouldn't be frightening. Steve Jobs is fond of calling them 'bicycles for the mind', and that's all they are, really- a way of getting mental exercise, and a place to put all your thoughts in an organized matter.
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A Computer is fairly important to computer science since it's the main tool you use for filing system . On the other hand, computer help us to keep data base, track records and we can keep account details easily. Now you want to analysis data you have to use computer. We can say that today computer is playing very important role in our lives. Now is the time when we cannot imagine the world without computers. And this technology is advancing both in industry and home. It has become necessary for everyone to have the basic knowledge about computer. Otherwise he cannot get a job as computers have invaded almost all the fields.
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Computer  is  very  very  important  in  this  modern  n  fast  moving  world...becoz  it  makes  our  tasks  easier  n faster...nowdays  most  of  the  works  r  based  on  the human  beings  must need  a  computer  4  this  purpose..
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Well computers are very Important now a days.

They are highly productive. Accurate. Fast. Mass storage. Lots and lots of services. They offer.

I can say computers can do lots of things simultaneously, fast and accurately.
They perform repeated tasks without falling SICk ;)

They can be used and implemented in our day to day life. And in any branch of life, business, personal....


Computers are very important that in this modern life,one can find it difficult to live without a computer.Computers help in GPS and save time in calculating huge numbers.

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It seems like computers have become an essential tool nowadays. People can use computers in any sphere of life, even for working and making money. I never thought I'd be able to profit from home, but with my computer, it's possible, and after reading Bitcoin Era reviews, I managed to find the best platform for me.

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He can avoid traffic jam. He can  do a lot of job in a short time, by computer he can enjoy song,movie,game.
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Its gives important to our family problems and solution in our is also gives important for the companies who is using for their offices and their projects or tasks to accomplished
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In india only 8% people know how to use computer and you  r thinking of computerized india
it will be like life without soul

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