What Is The Importance Of Computer In Teaching Learning Process?


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The assistance of a computer during the teaching learning process is essential. Society has become more computer literate over the past few decades, and as technology has been advancing, society’s reliance on computing systems has increased. Therefore to incorporate computers in the teaching learning process is necessary in order to create familiarity with various computer assistant applications from a young age, particularly within a classroom capacity.

The role of a computer in the teaching learning process can also be used as a way to interact with students away from the school environment as an aid to homework and assignments that have been set during holiday periods. This added benefit means that an E-mail system can be setup or a discussion board so that if the students are experiencing any difficulties with their work they can either have the option to ask the teacher discreetly for assistance or alternatively they can discuss issues with their peers to solve problems between them. This concept allows assistance to always be at hand with the added benefit of making a task more interactive.

Similarly, a course website can be created in order to provide information for future students who are thinking of signing up to a certain class. This will allow the students to gain a comprehensive understanding of the course outline and what is required of them during the duration of the course and furthermore, how the course will be assessed.

The benefits of a computer system are that it is fast and efficient, gathering information almost immediately, with the ability to process and access information that would take too long manually.  Furthermore, different types of learning material or teaching aids can be accessed from the internet, which can be used to make classroom activities more interactive. This system allows for flexibility to teaching style with the added bonus of promoting responsiveness to the variations of teaching methods that are available and that have been promoted by a computer system.
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The role of computer in teaching and learning is pivotal. You can't now deny the fact that what we people are teaching and learning is all now through computers. Computer is fast and efficient and fetches information in the milliseconds or even more than that. Now you are learning online. There are virtual classrooms. You can get learning material on the internet. You can now even give papers on the internet. All education processes are now on computers. Computer is a remarkable device with much more capabilities and beyond our thinking. But keep in mind that man has created computer and all these programs which computer runs.
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The important of computer in education
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Computer is friendly and lovely
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In this modern world computer is seems to be very important part of teaching and learning  process.Through computers today, most of education institution can able to keep huge records more than previously .However computers technology is used to control the illegal use of fake certificates in schools and collages.Moreover computers are widely used in preparation of  teaching and learning materials  where teacher can use it to find notes,diagrams,charts and graphs. This also applied to students who wants new ideas from different part world wide.Not only that but also computer use in education ground motivating students even teachers,application of power point  for example can encourage students to applly it since because it consist information in a brief manner
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Teaching computer gives proficiency to the teachers and it is important for students because now it is the world of IT. Every field is using IT. The person who don't know the computer is imagine as illiterate. Every organization  has a requirement now that the person should know about computers
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Computer and teaching
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Computers overall in teaching and learning enhances the learning process as this is a fun way of doing so and it also allows for the participation of students. In teaching, it helps the teachers to bring across their message better, and in a way that can be easily understood.
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I think that it saves my time and makes teaching a funny, fruitful process where students can enjoy being involved in the teaching process. Moreover, it offers teachers a variety of methods and strategies to work.
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Computer is the most important invention of our times. It has uses in all the sectors of our life. Improvements in teaching systems also have a lot to owe to computers.

The teaching learning process includes all those factors that influence teaching and learning. The qualities and characteristics of students and teachers bring together to make up a classroom experience. The behavior of the teachers and students, the classroom climate and the relationship of the teacher and student makes up the classroom process.

Now if we look at all these processes of the Teaching and learning, computer has become a vital part of it. It influences the teachers and students in a number of ways. They gain their knowledge and experiences through it. It has become a vital influence on their behavior and awareness.

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In Teaching, computers can help in sending out outlines to students, Giving distant lectures, giving live lectures, distant discussion etc.
In Learning, it helps in searching information, distant education, knowing latest happenings, joining online communities for more knowledge etc

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