How To Connect A Webcam To A Computer?


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A webcam can be connected to a computer by following these straightforward steps:

- Take all the webcam components out of the box. Most webcam sets will come with an installation CD and USB connection that may or may not be attached to the actual camera itself.

- If you have an installation disc or CD, insert it into the computer and follow the installation steps on screen. If the installation steps do not pop up automatically, you will need to go to the 'My computer' section, usually found on the desktop, and click on the CD drive. This is usually drive E.

- If your camera does not come with an installation CD, this may be because the camera will be recognised by Windows when it is plugged in. If so, it will then be able to guide you through the installation process. If you do not have an installation CD, simply plug the camera in and follow the pop up steps.

- After you have installed the software, plug in the webcam into a USB drive. This may be at the back or side of the computer and looks like a small rectangle.

- Next, you need to place your webcam in a good location. Some webcams are designed with a small clip that can be attached to the top of a computer screen. On the other hand, you could use a stack of books or place the camera on a shelf just above the computer monitor screen.

- When you want to use the webcam in future, simple open the software which will probably be on your desktop, or can be found by clicking on the start menu and browsing for it.
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My laptop has  got built in web cam but I am having a difficulty to connect it please help.
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I have a web cam that I'm tring to hook up to my computer ,but it doesn't want to process the camera
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I have a webcamera.. Andi  don't have the nameon it anywhere I even took it apart. I need a univeral driver that will be compatibie!
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Connecting a webcam to your computer is a very simple process. If you have the Windows XP operating system, it is very easy to connect your webcam to your personal computer (which is abbreviated as PC).

When you want to connect your webcam to your computer, you have to switch on your personal computer and a dialog box will appear on the desktop of the computer which will give you a set of instructions. You have to follow these instructions in order to connect your webcam to your computer.

Then you have to put a compact disc (which is abbreviated as CD) in the CD driver. This is the CD that came with the World Wide Web. It is called a driver CD. You have to follow the instructions which are given in the CD.
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A webcam will be recognised by the pc as a new hardware.When you connect a webcam,you can see a dialogue box asking you to install the c.d.Do it,and follow the instructions.Driver softwares without windows signature may not be recognised. In this case, click ' continue anyway' in the dialogue box.I recommend web cam with windows signature for easy invallation.
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You have to press P1 and there will be a little camera icon by the space for your picture. Click that. It may have to download the driver. The P1 Button is off to the right of the Power button
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Can I use extensible cables to connect webcam to pc .so that I can place my webcam in other room .
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The steps to connect a web cam to a PC is as follows;

First install the driver of the web cam or plug the web cam to PC and it will ask the driver. Follow the wizard to install it.

When it will be installed completely then you can find the icon in 'My Computer'. Just double click the icon to adjust the Web cam.

If you still don't find the web cam there then your driver software is not compatible with your windows.
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I have a wireless web cam WS007AS it has video and audio cables that can easily be connected to the TV. But I want to connect it to the computer, it does not have any CD also. The web cam does not even have a usb cable also.  Please help me
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Plug the camera lead into the usb socket. Some web cams are self recognising and will install themselves. It you have a disk put that in and follow the instructions. Third alternative choice is to go to the hardware settings and see if the computer will recognise it as a new piece of hardware. If you still have problems look up the manufacturers website and they usually have support on there.
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SPARKELQUE:: You will need several things.
1- a fast [at least a 1.0 gigerhertz (frequency of the computer speed), with at least 512 mb (mega bytes) of memory, better 1.0 GB of memory)
2-You will need a program like Windows live messenger ( you can download it FREE from )
3A- If the WEB cam is USB, then you need 2.0 USB connector on your computer.
3B- The WEB CAM MUST have it's own  software DRIVERS. If you buy( 'made up' ) ABC company web cam, make sure that you get the software drivers for ABC company.
4- download msn ( FREE which is "windows live messenger" software. Follow the instructions.
5- connect the USB web cam and the computer should detect it.

BE...KILEFULL ( CAREFUL )... careful...
Connecting mike (mikeaphone, and any other devices) can be picked up be the other person..
That means that if you think that you are not transmitting VIDEO, you could be sending out AUDIO, People WILL hear everything you carefull what you say...

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Most web cams attach to the computer via a USB port, but some connect using the S-video port or the VGA port (although I've never seen one of those). In addition, most web cams need a driver in order to work properly. Most come with a CD containing the software you need to use them, but you may be able to download the software with some searching. I suggest looking up the brand and model of web cam that you have and finding out what needs to be done with it.
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A webcam can be set up and installed on a computer using the manufacturer's disc or following the instructions on the manufacturer's website to download the drivers needed to load the camera.
Everyone seems to love the fact that laptops now come with built-in webcams as a standard feature, but what about your desktop PC? In most cases, you'll need to buy a separate webcam and install it yourself. This is sometimes easier said than done, especially when it comes to choosing the right model, installing the proper software, connecting it to your computer, and finding an appropriate placement for filming.

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