What Are The New Trends Of Computer?


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Google have announced that they are to start a service where you access software programs online. Instead of for example having Word installed on your computer you will access the same kind of software from Google online. You will use the software in exactly the same way as you would if it were installed on your machine. You will be in fact be using an access terminal to a mainframe instead of a stand alone machine. The advantages of this for the future are obviously that you would not have to keep paying to update software and it frees up a lot of memory on your machine that you can use for other purposes.

Exactly what software will be available we will have to wait and see. The big advantage will be if there is comparable software to the more expensive programs such as Photoshop. Perhaps Google will cut a deal with software companies rather than create their own programs. This could be the way forward for home users particularly as the problems that often occur when installing and uninstalling programs will be a thing of the past.

I think the future will mean that more and more material will be accessed online and we will just have a terminal at home as a gateway to all the software, media and all the information that we need. Imagine in the future you might be working on a Word type document and instantly you have access to all of the latest dictionaries and reference books as part of that program rather than leaving it and checking for something on another site. The possibilities for this remote working are enormous. It will also be a boost for software writers as new programs might only be available online so the problem of piracy will be a thing of the past. Bill Gates will have to pull his socks up, he is lagging behind in the innovation race. Microsoft are still in the starting blocks while Google are fifty yards down the track.

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