Can You Suggest A Technical Name For My New Computer Coaching Classes? Also A Caption/Slogan For It.


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Yes please suggest one
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Well, I am not that computer smart.... I know enough to get by so I don't know or understand a whole lot about what you teach. Well.... Here goes.... Speaking Java, House of Java, Live Java, Inside Java, The Tech House, I am not that good at this, but you know I will do my best to help you....
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Nice suggestions, but they are very specific to Java. So wont work, as I will be teaching more different Programming Languages like C, C++, java, Visual Basic, Web Designing and lots more....

But these names would be helpful for me, perhaps I can use it somewhere in my catalog....

I liked the first name, Speaking Java.
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~Computer Language...
~the JCV language....(java,C/C+,Visual)
~Communicate with Tech
~Talk with Computer Class...
~Tech language....
~Language Tech

it's all I can think of now I will ask my friends c what they can come out with...

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