What Are New Trends In Computer Networking?


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Recent developments in computers and technology as a whole have meant there have been increasingly fast developments in computer networking trends.
The move by the government to bring in the digital economy bill means that it is moving away from manufacturing and financial services in to encouraging nations to get involved in creating intellectual property in the area of computer games, pharmaceuticals, video, music and film.
There is also an accelerated shift encouraging companies to marry communication platforms. There is huge demand in things such as video networking and social media networking the arena currently. The other trend has been to give workers a wireless environment so they don't have physical phone or computer connections, which allows them to move freely around the office.

The other side of the social media networking coin is for businesses to be able to reach out to business with social media networking and capture them that way. To ensure this is done to the best of ability communications networks, especially mobile ones are being upgraded and made faster. This increases the amount of speed and the mobile communication that people can engage in.
This has all lead to a shift in the amount of care that people have about their information, with increased speeds meaning people can use their downloaded apps anywhere; there has been a rapid amount of marketing information taken from people in exchange for the use of these applications. This is set to be an ever increasing trend in the future.

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