How do I get 999 Pokeballs? ( Anykind )


4 Answers

Tyler O'Bryan Profile
Tyler O'Bryan answered
Go to the Poké Mart and buy a lot.
Kelsey Adams Profile
Kelsey Adams answered
Go to and type the game in the search bar. Click on AR or GameShark codes. Just go through and find whatever cheats you need.
Hannah Truelove Profile
Hannah Truelove answered
Go to a store that sells Action Replay DS (Walmart, GameStop, etc.) it's usually around $20, and it should explain how to use it, but once you know how to operate it, put your game in, and it should have "All Pokeballs in bag" cheat. Hope this helps.
Zak Morejon Profile
Zak Morejon answered
Buy them.

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